About Us

Howdy from North Texas! We are so excited ya'll are here visiting us! I am Keiza (pronounced Keeza), mother to 5, wife to that cute tall dude up there, crafter, sewer, quilter, and all around creator. I love making tasty food, French fries (In-N-Out and Whataburger are top contenders with homemade skin-on fries, I love a cold cherry vanilla Pepsi, peacocks, hedgehogs, limes (duh! lol!), family vacations (even though it means a whole lota work for this momma), and going to the movies. 

Fun fact: because of my unusual name, I grew up never finding my name on things...like ever. So when I got my Silhouette Cameo over 10 years ago I started personalizing everything for myself and my kids. All of our kids names are rather unique as well, so I love being able to add their name to pencil boxes, bags, shirts, signs, etc. I inherited an embroidery machine and have expounded personalizing to blankets, towels, quilts, bags, and more. Now I have a laser and I can put whatever I want on wood!!!! I love creating so much! Customizing things for family, friends, and customers is my very favorite thing in the world. Do you need a special name and/or date on an ornament, a special family name sign like the one above, or a unique front door sign? Check out our collections to find your next special decor, or email us for any custom projects! 


Please leave us a review of your order! We love to hear from our customers.

*from Bethany: "Um, I just found my new favorite tee <3 <3 <3 Thanks, 7Limes, for a great sale!!"

*Sandra: "Wanted to say thank you for this shirt. My son loves it and is wearing it right now!"

*Melane: "Um...just so you know the dress I ordered is now my favorite...just putting that here so you know! Love ya girl!"

*Dawna told us, "Amazing deals! Great prices and good quality!"

* Senessa: "It was the perfect gift they played with last night! Also…what are the chances I can just get one made?"